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  1. Doesn't send the art... :(

    Thanks for the link to how it decides.  I think I need to redo the music from Media Player - completely wipe what I currently have and start over.


    These are .wma files - not sure if they store tags?  I assumed that was an .mp3 thing.


    Maybe I need to redo my entire library as .mp3?

    I'm going to have Mazda upgrade the software on my NAV system in week or so - hopefully that will address the out-of-sync (non-responsive to bluetooth controls) issues. I hope!

  2. I have a couple of issues with Poweramp on my android phone (Samsung galaxy stellar - Android 4.1.2).

    1. Often the album art was wrong.  So I went into settings, deleted the cache, asked for it to auto-download album art, and then went back to listening for a while.


    Now, most tracks have no art, and the few which do are totally and utterly wrong.  I've got albums with images of a newspaper article!  I've got songs with random web page icons.


    I redid the same "delete cache" and there was some point where I could see a list of possible art choices for the current tune.  All of them were absurd.


    Why does it not use the art from MediaPlayer?  And why if I allow it to download its own art does it come back with essentially random images off of the internet?!


    [update] The fiules are organized on a media card as such:
    SCH-I200\Card\Music\Adele\19\01 Daydreamer.wma


    \Music\Artist\Album\#no. track-name.wma




    2. Just bought a 2014 Mazda3 with the blue tooth enabled NAV/Entertainment system.  My phone and the NAV coupled easily.  And they seem to re-couple eveyr time I start up the car (the NAV tells me when it syncs its contact list from the phone).


    However, something isn't working correctly with Poweramp syncing with the bluetooth subsystem.  If I listen to music from Poweramp, then leave my car & take the phone with me, when I return the phone refuses to play/pause/skip/repeat from the NAV system's controls (which worked initially).


    This is consistent.  So - get in the car - select the samsung phone as audio source, listen for a while, leave with phone, come back, and now I can't get the phone to listen to the NAV controls until I manually press "play" in Poweramp.


    I have tried making sure that I don't close Poweramp.  no die.

    I've tried to intentionally close Poweramp.  same issue.

    I've tried various setting choices for blue tooth in Poweramp (auto resume, don't auto-resume.  Wait for full resync.  Higher process priority.  Don't unload the service on idle.)  Nothing makes any difference.


    3. Even before I deleted all of the album art from Poweramp, the NAV system never showed any album art (and the current position within a track doesn't update / track the song correctly).


    Any ideas?

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