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  1. Well, here is the logcat: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5927945/2014-06-26-21-24-38.txt I have also emailed it and reported the bug through the form as requested. Hope this gets us somewhere...
  2. As I said, I can not get into Music Folders menu. Link gives me Error 404 - Page not found. Old trial version of Poweramp I tried a month and a half ago worked just fine.
  3. Hello Andre, Music folder structure is simple as it gets Folder called Music, and a bunch of mp3s inside. Memory card is Samsung 16gb, class 10 - nothing special. All other apps are able to access, write and delete from SC card. I removed SD card while the phone is on, put it back in and nothing happened in Poweramp. Then I tried something else. I wiped cache and data for Poweramp and started it again. It found all my songs on sd card and showed it, but everything is double. I have songs 1, 1, 2, 2, etc. Problem is, it doesn't add new songs if I put them on sd card. I have to wipe cache and data, activate Poweramp again, then put back aaaall my settings again. Plus, Music Folders still doesn't work, even though the app found all the songs.... I have no doubles on my sd card and I have checked the option in Poweramp not to add duplicates, it didn't help. I really don't think it is an sd card problem. I tried another one, also Samsung, class 10, but 8 & 32 gbs size. Same result.
  4. Yep, doesn't work - at all. All my songs are on the SD card (3.5 gbs). They are all standard mp3 format. Old app versions worked fine. SD card is not a problem, it works as it should, I even tried reformatting it - nothing. All other players I have tried do not have this problem. This is my device info - Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 with stock android 4.4.2 : http://i61.tinypic.com/zo6oft.png This is my Poweramp info - version 2.0.9. build 558 : http://i57.tinypic.com/10dts1x.png I tried ALL options in Settings -> Folders and Library, nothing worked! I touch Rescan - nothing. I touch Full Rescan - nothing. I touch Music Folders - nothing, it just runs forever (I left it like that for 40 mins) and doesn't display any folders for me to select. It looks like this: http://i58.tinypic.com/5odwk7.png I touch Auto-Find Music folders - nothing. Like with Music Folders option, it runs forever and doesn't find anything! It looks like this: http://i57.tinypic.com/9i6auf.png It does not matter if I check or uncheck 'Also import missing System Library playlists' option. Tried both. As you can imagine, app is unusable this way. Please help me fix this. Thx
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