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  1. Would appreciate input / advice on how to migrate song and album library from prior notebook to a new tablet using the paid Poweramp app? My old notebook locked up and I was unable to export or access my song library. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you C Lovorn
  2. I recently purchased a new Samasung Galaxy S5 and immediately installed Poweramp to have access to my music. I had already paid for the upgrade to Poweramp Unlocker and it was installed through Google Play on my ASUS Transformer Android tablet. I am also a registered member of Poweramp. So, I expected for the Samsung S5 to reflect all of the music that I had loaded to Poweramp from use of the ASUS Transformer Plus tablet. However- there doesn't seem to be an interface / download or any other option on the Poweramp Unlocker app so as to utilize both devices- the ASUS Tablet and / or the Galaxy S5? Wasn't this link to have been established through the original account? Is Poweramp account specific or device specific? I thought the Poweramp Unlocker was specific to the account and not to the device. Your Forum topics indicate "account specific"? That said, Poweramp is a fantastic app and much better than Google Music or any other music app that I have tried. Even if I need to spend the additional money for installation to the Samsung S5- I am willing to do so, but- want to be sure everything is synchronized. Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you C. Lovorn
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