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  1. I created a new thread on this not realizing there was already a thread on it. All the other music apps have this feature already built in (google play music, pandora), why doesn't Poweramp? Seems like it's such a standard thing to add.
  2. Please add an attenuate option for short audio focus change. For example: When running Google Navigation and Poweramp is playing, the Navigation will speak out directions. Currently in Poweramp there are two options, 1 - Continue playing at regular volume while the Navigation speaks, 2 - Pause the track temporarily while the Navigation speaks. This gets especially annoying while I'm listening to music and receive emails/messages/other android notifications and it pauses the track each time. I don't want the track to pause, I just want Poweramp to Attenuate (lower the volume) of the song during these notifications. This seems like a simple feature that's standard in tons of other music players (including google play music). Please have this implemented! Thanks
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