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  1. Became a tester and got the beta version but I noticed the share button is gone or somewhere I cannot locate. I also noticed time set ringtone option is also gone which was somewhat helpful instead of going thru my phones settings list which can be tedious. The last thing I noticed is the shuffle feature doesn't seem to be working well all options just play songs in order unless I choose shuffle songs and lists
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    Wish there was an integrated soundsearch like shazam or google soundsearch built into Poweramp so I dont have to go to other apps.
  3. here is the link to party player https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=chk.chk.partyplay
  4. Power amp 2.0.9 Android 4.0 ics Samsung galaxy s 4g blaze I used to connect my phone to my car with the aux head phone jack and when I would disconnect the jack to get out of the car the app would stop and the phone would go in my pocket. Now i have a nice car dock that charges and plays but when I disconnect the app continues to play thru the phone speakers. Hope this is an easy fix
  5. Power amp is great and has potential to be the best. I usually end up playing DJ via bluetooth and found this app called party player that allows for sms song requests to come in play and start a que. I like the app but I think if it were already integrated into power amp itself it might flow easier. I know itunes had something similar like party shuffle or something like that but Id love to see it here since I have no use for apple and its products anymore. This option would allow more users to take part in the music being played only thru power amp.
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