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  1. Using an Archos 80 g9 250gb. I know there aren't too many hard-drive based Android devices, but the market is certainly there for those of use with very large media collections. I'd love to have an additional buffer setting beyond the "large, 750ms" because this buffer still is not large enough to give the hard drive time to spin up. I would hope it's an easy fix... I would assume the buffer requires at minimum several seconds--here's hoping it's as simple as changing one number in the code. Problem experienced: only with higher bitrate MP3 files (200kbps to 320kbps) every 5 seconds it will pause and artifact. Note, FLAC and lower bitrate MP3 files all appear to work fine, which leads me to believe there must be a simple solution for this. I would pay 10x the price for Poweramp to have this feature!
  2. First, is there an ETA on the v2.1 update? Weeks? Months? This is very important to me as well! It was hard enough finding an application that will sync ratings to and from the device (why is it so hard! Android/mass storage devices need proper syncing support on PC!!!) Now that I have figured out Media Monkey, I only need Poweramp to read and write ratings. Otherwise, this player is hands down the best and I am very pleased with my purchase... unfortunately can't use until ratings work
  3. Really need to read/edit id3 ratings I want to use this app to replace my Zune as my car media player and it simply won't fit the bill until this is done. Thanks for listening to the people on your forums maxmp! I hope this gets to you!
  4. I would hope it should be easier to simply read the ratings to begin with. It would be fantastic to have a solid timeframe of when to expect this feature. A very important part of ratings for me is getting the rating from the device BACK to the PC once I change it... by re-rating everything in batches it doesn't make it any easier to get that rating back to the PC unfortunately.
  5. This x1000!!! I can't believe how difficult it is to get music working right on Android. I am coming from a Zune, and I constantly used the "like/dislike" rating feature because it helped me quickly sort songs I don't like out of my 18,000 song library. I LOVE Poweramp, it is a beautiful feature-rich player, but it is useless to me after buying it because of this. I see ratings, I assume it will read the ratings from my files, but no luck. It was hard to find the info that it doesn't read or save ratings to files, so I just spent hours thinking I need to hate on one of my media programs on PC for re-writing all the id3 tags... it was Poweramp's problem all along
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