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  1. The reason why I LOVE Spotify is because I can have all of my music integrated in all of my devices with just few drag and drops. And all my music gets synced in high quality. The problem? Playback is not as good. And the lack of an equalizer makes it all worse. It doesn't help that I use a Bluetooth headset. (Motorola S11-HD Flex and Jaybird's Bluebuds X). I love Poweramp's equalizer, however. It's so powerful that it lets you tweak every bit of the audio output to boost the audio quality. Being a Bluetooth headset user, this is a gift from the heavens. There was some talk back in 2
  2. Ok, the solution worked. Thanks! But please still consider what I reported so you can fix it up later. If you need debugging data from my device, contact me. I'm willing to help.
  3. If that's the case, why are the other players capable of reading the playlist without a problem? I'll try that solution, but this is something that SHOULD be addressed considering that other players can read the playlist no questions asked. Proof
  4. It is a feature that a consumer would expect considering that the stock player from android, Rocket Player AND Spotify can do this without a problem (Except for the stupid 1,000 songs limit in Google Play Music, and the fact that Spotify will only play music from the cloud). For advertising as the most advanced music player for Android, it seems like you guys still have a lot of refinement to do. The way my music is organized on the phone is the following: /home/SDcard/Music/(Here are all the MP3 files at the same folder level, none if them in a subfolder). the playlist file is at the same f
  5. Nope. Not working. This is what the file looks like when I opened it with Notepad++ #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,Feel the Same.mp3..\Feel the Same.mp3 #EXTINF:0,01 Say This Sooner.mp3..\01 Say This Sooner.mp3 #EXTINF:0,05 Southern Weather.mp3..\05 Southern Weather.mp3 #EXTINF:0,09 Never Say _I Told You So_.mp3..\09 Never Say _I Told You So_.mp3 #EXTINF:0,the arcade fire - [11] my body is a cage168.mp3..\the arcade fire - [11] my body is a cage168.mp3 #EXTINF:0,I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.mp3..\I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.mp3 Notice that it doesn't contain any info regarding
  6. I tried your solution, and while it was able to detect the playlist, when I opened it, there were no songs in it. Why is it not working? I made the playlist on Windows Media Player, and there it does have all the songs.
  7. Why the heck is this still not supported??? Google Android's stock music player DOES read said playlists. Why can't Poweramp do that? I paid for the app, and it saddens me that this is still not working as of today.
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