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  1. Thanks for your helpful comments, Andre. I've tried everything with the scanning options. I guess next up is to try with an older release. I'm reluctant to stop using Poweramp so will persist
  2. OK, now the problem is replicating on both tablets so I have to conclude that it's the result of an update. Both tablets now show 'folders not available' after a restart and need a manual prompting to rescan before finding any folders. As this process takes up to thirty minutes and often seems to require multiple rescans, as for some reason not quite all the folders are scanned completely first time round, this is pretty well the end of the line for me with Poweramp. It's been a great player for me for nearly four years, but for all the gui is great and folder view used to be marvellous, I'm n
  3. No, I'm not really convinced either because the same issue doesn't replicate on my other tablet which keeps the list of files and folders even when the share isn't mounted. It's really annoying!
  4. OK, thanks for that. I suppose what I need to do then is to find a way to make cifs mount the share at boot rather than having to do it manually? I'll check with the rom developer and see if there's a way to get this to happen.
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply, but no, it's not that. I mount the share way before I open Poweramp, and anyway even if I didn't this doesn't explain why it has lost all the details from the last scan. The other tablet just says 'file not found' if I try to open a track without mounting the folder with cifs first. On the pipo, whenever I restart the tablet and open Poweramp there aren't any folders or files present. I then have to do a rescan.
  6. Pipo M8hd PA version 2.0.10 build579 play (full) Android 4.4.2 RileyRom Hi, I'm having a weird issue with Poweramp's library scanner. I have two tablets with PA installed and have my music on a networked HDD which both tablet access using a mount point using cifs manager. The old tablet has been doing this fine for a few years now, but the recently acquired pipo has this problem with the library scanner. What happens is that it scans all the files OK (just short of 1tb, so it takes a while!), but then if and when I shut the tablet down and later restart I find that there's no sign of a li
  7. Oh dear. I joined today to find solutions to this and a networking issue. I have exactly the same problem with my flac files (and most of my files are flac). Very annoying!
  8. Hi, I just joined here to try to get to the bottom of this very issue! Poweramp stutters like crazy for me when playing from network storage via cifs. It didn't used to happen. It's only started over the last month. I have been using it with cifs for just over a year with no problems with a 1.5TB library playing mostly flac, and often 24/96 flac, so large high res files (I know there's no odds on android, but I share my library with a system where 24/96 is an option). I've now returned to BSplayer which still plays tracks without issues. Very peculiar.Is it possible that an update degraded ne
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