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  1. Yeah - I know about the preamp - however I don't really want to use the preamp just to make the volume 'the same'. I'd rather use preamp to enhance an already loud (enough) output However since Poweramp (& audio players similar to it) uses different drivers - I may have to use the preamp option.... I hope Max can reply to help shed some light ;)
  2. So after going through a full factory reset (via ODIN), I can confirm that I'm not using Replay Gain on Poweramp. I can also confirm that there is a volume difference between the stock music player and Poweramp whch to me confirms my suspicions that I put in my original post.
  3. I don't recall using Replay Gain and usually have it turned off on the other phones that I have Poweramp installed on.
  4. I seem to have an issue with the volume output coming from Poweramp on my (stock rom based) galaxy note 3. When I'm playing music with the stock music player, the volume output is decent. However when I play a song using Poweramp (or other 3rd party music app), the volume output drops pretty l9w compared to the stock music player. I've toggled the DVC option as well as turned off the Limit toggle and in spite of this, the volume issue remains. I have already factory restored my phone as well as cleared the data in the application manager for Poweramp, but even with all of that, the issue remains. So my question is, what makes the stock music app different/unique to where despite the system volume setting, it sounds louder than Poweramp? Does Poweramp access a different volume output stream than the stock music (digital vs. analog) to have this effect? Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks!
  5. There's a Limit toggle option on the "volume page" that you toggle off (if you haven't done so already :-) )
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