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  1. Same as Tez, 2.0.9-build-556-play and they aren't short files and it happens the same, only one or two songs appear, but the rest don't. I'll send something now! Thanks!
  2. Hi people, I've been having an issue on my SGN 3. As it says on the title, Poweramp doesn't bring all files, when last week they worked fine. Furthermore, everytime I run a rescan the files appear but under Unknown Artist and they dissappear as soon as the scan finishes. I tried re-downloading Poweramp, deleting al albumart.pamp files, changing my music from the SD card to the internal memory and viceversa, but still, the same files aren't shown on my songs library. However, if I go into the file explorer and manually pick a song, it'll play without trouble. Do you know what might be the issue to this? I bought the premium Poweramp and I have around 28gb of music between the SD card and the internal memory, but I don't think that's an issue because I had around 31 gb a couple of months back and all files appeared perfectly. Thanks for the help guys!!!
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