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  1. In the new Poweramp there is a play button when viewing all albums by an artist. I was expecting that button to play all albums by the particular artist being browsed, but instead it played only the 3rd album in the list, which doesn't seem like a design intention.
  2. Hi there, I noticed ever since opting into the Poweramp beta programme a few months back there is a very very minor issue with the playlist functionality, potentially shuffle functionality. For nearly 4 years I've always had shuffle mode on "shuffle songs, lists in order" with repeat mode on "repeat this list". However I noticed now and then when I'm not listening to it the playlist position has reset to song 1, but the song I most recently listened to is still the active song. -- Just like if I were to request a reshuffle. It however only dawned on me within the past week that it happens way more often when I stop listening to music at work. (At home it's rare.) The difference is at work I charge my phone with a USB 3 type C cable from the USB 3 type C port on my work PC, whereas at home I charge my phone using the official OnePlus DashCharge adaptor/cable. I wondered if my work PC was at fault so trying this on my home PC today I can reproduce the issue exactly, though only when charging via a USB 3 port. (Charging from a USB 2 port does not cause this.) I'm not using any data transfer mode, the USB option is set to "charge only". You can do this whilst the phone is locked or unlocked. With a widget on my home screen when connecting my phone to a USB 3 port the song stays the same, but the song number resets to 1. Such a super trivial issue though. First world problems eh? This is literally the only issue I'm encountering with Poweramp mind. Very reliable application for a long time, well worth the donation, thank you. My phone is a OnePlus 5T running Oreo 8.1 (though the issue happened on 8.0 too), running Poweramp build 703. Please let me know if you'd like any further information. (I'd test this on my old Samsung Note 3 if the screen didn't have serious cancer.)
  3. I've got a bit of an update to this to share, and it appears to mean Poweramp is not at fault at all. To be sure of this I tried using PlayerPro Music Player (trial). Whilst it seemed the stuttering issue had disappeared it eventually happened, though not as frequently. The pattern was exactly the same too, which pretty much excludes Poweramp from the cause of the problem completely. I've since changed back to Poweramp because of its' better interface and MUCH lighter battery usage. Seriously, PlayerPro requires a DSP pack for anything audio related other than volume, and it munches the battery right up. Having switched back I started sniffing around for other possible causes, but not knowing much about the workings of Android (other than what I know about Linux) I've not found any predictability to this issue to nail down an absolute cause. I read on the Poweramp FAQ about CPU governors, and had seen this kind of option available through OS Monitor. Again I don't know much about Android, but looking at the possible values gave a clear idea of what this does. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using ChainFire's rooting trick. Nothing I know of has been tinkering with CPU settings. Here's the core status from OS Monitor: Core 0: Enabled, minimum 300 MHz, maximum 2,265.6 MHz, governor interactiveCore 1: Disabled, minimum 300 MHz, maximum 2,265.6 MHz, governor interactiveCore 2: Disabled, minimum 300 MHz, maximum 2,265.6 MHz, governor interactiveCore 3: Enabled (sometimes disabled), minimum 300 MHz, maximum 2,265.6 MHz, governor interactiveI set core 0's governor to performance, 1 and 2 to power save, and 3 to on demand. I have no idea if these are ideal, but I thought I'd try it out. On the plus side the stuttering issue appears to have gone completely, and the battery usage seems nearly unaffected. However taking a look at OS Monitor again I see all the governors have gone back to interactive and core 1+2 have been disabled. So it could have just been luck that no more stuttering happened. Usage after a 7 hour shift + 30 minutes walking in/home, would have been ~3 hours of music playing time Usage after a 8 hour shift + 30 minutes walking in/home, would have been ~1 hour of music playing time
  4. Ah looks like I'm having a very similar issue. The stuttering pattern (after hearing it enough times) seems to be somewhat consistent, as in, when the issue happens the time delays of the stuttering sounds familiar. My phone plays music whilst in my pocket with the screen off for 99% of the time. I've read the http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323527-skips-hiccups-stutters'>FAQ and my situation is as follows: My phone is a Galaxy Note 3 running KitKat. Rooted, but no other custom ROM has been applied.Media stored on an external SD card, but it's a UHS-I class card -- should be plenty fast enough, what with videos playing fine.Headphones are wired, although the issue happens with the phone's speaker too.As far as I know nothing is governing the CPU frequency. Power saving mode is disabled.Google's media player doesn't have any issues.No 3rd party effects installed.‚ÄčI'm not too sure about CPU consumption, can OSMonitor log such consumption in the background?The song doesn't matter much, or format. It happens on both MP3 and FLAC audio files, and the position of the song isn't consistent. Occurrence is very random.Increasing the thread priority to highest and buffer size to +750ms does somewhat reduce the frequency of the issue, but it still happens often enough for me to not want to use Poweramp right now. Possible software conflicts I could think of: S-View mods for Note 3 -- displays current song playing whilst an S-View cover is attached, and has 3 buttons (play/pause, previous, next)Pocket Skip Track -- allows the volume buttons to change track (whilst in pocket), but this was added recently since the issue started
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