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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only person seeing this issue. Thanks for submitting the problem to the developer. I really hope to see this resolved.
  2. I have not found a solution. I've given up trying to use the feature which is disappointing. I have to resort to picking up my phone and selecting music which defeats the whole purpose.
  3. I see the same behavior and created a thread about it a couple of months ago. I gave up on using Google Assistant to play music. I cue up what I want to listen to before I start driving. The idea of voice commands to play music is really cool but it doesn't work for me. The way it will play a song randomly within the requested album is strange. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 running whatever the latest version of android is for that particular phone.
  4. This problem is quite limiting in the functionality of PA when used with AA. Can anybody say if this is a bug or if I am just not doing something correctly? At least the maps in AA are really cool with real time traffic :).
  5. I thought this might be related to albums with songs that match the album title, but asking AA to play Abbey Road on Poweramp played some random song in the album and when I looked, PA was in "song" mode.
  6. I tried that and it didn't work :(. It says something along the lines of can't complete request....not found. I appreciate the suggestions. Am I the only person experiencing this issue? Aa seems a bit wonky itself. At one point it was playing my request from Google music even though I set Poweramp as the default player.
  7. When this happened, I tapped something on the aa screen that showed what category Poweramp was in and it was "songs". FWIW, when I use Google assistant to do the same thing, it say "sorry something went wrong...". Perhaps this is another clue.
  8. Using the PA UI on my phone, if I select an album from the list of albums and I select the first song to play, it will play through the album as you would expect. Within AA, it's as though it's playing the song from the All Songs list. I don't see that I have any control over this behavior. Even when I say "Play the album..." it behaves in this weird way.
  9. I normally listen to albums when I listen to music. What I have found is that when I request AA (configured to use Poweramp as the player) to play an album, it will play some random song from that album and proceed to play songs alphabetically in my library from there. As an example, I'll say "Play the album To The Bone by Steven Wilson". It will play the 7th song on the album called "Blank Tapes". Following that, it will play a song that comes next alphabetically based on the song title...something starting with "Bl...". The album happens to have a song titled "To The Bone" also. if I just say "Play To The Bone" or "Play To The Bone by Steven Wilson", it does the same...it plays the 7th song on the album called "Blank Tapes". So far, all I can get to work is: - Play a specific song - Play songs from a particular artist - Play a playlist Is this a known issue? Thanks!
  10. I am having a similar experience where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the response is "playing xyz" and then dead silence. Other times if I ask it to play an album, it will play a random song in the album. Other times, it will play an album like it's supposed to. I have Poweramp setup as the default for playing music. I have a 2019 Civic Hatch and am using a Galaxy S7. I will poke around the settings in Poweramp to see if there are any AA specific settings that may help. Frustrating because I was REALLY excited when I discovered that my favorite music player on Android how supported AA!
  11. I've experienced this myself and was very annoyed by it. I use Poweramp at work on my WiFi Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2. We don't have wifi here at work.
  12. Some higher end headphone amps have this feature - they call it crossfeed. You can adjust it across the entire range from full stereo down to mono. It would be neat to do it in software.
  13. I read in another thread that plans for version 3.0 of Poweramp include supporting DLNA. So, in the future you would be able to do this via DLNA. With a custom rom and/or a rooted device, you could mount the samba share to the file system in your andriod device and point Poweramp to that directory. Another option (which doesn't involve Poweramp at all) is to run squeezebox server (now known as Logitech Media Server) on your file server. On your andriod device, you would need squeezeplayer and either orange squeeze or squeeze controller. All of these apps can be purchased from the marketplace. Acutally, Logitech has a free squeezebox controller app in the marketplace too, so you would only have to pay for squeezeplayer. Like Poweramp, squeezeplayer will play FLAC gapless. It also plays gapless LAME mp3 files gapless. I already had squeezebox server running since I own squeezebox hardware, so I didn't have to worry about that part.
  14. I downloaded the update today that showed up in the marketplace. This issue is gone!!!! Thanks so much to the devs for fixing it. I am so happy that this great app is under such active development. Awesome!!! Thank you again.
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