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  1. Hi all is there any update on this? would love GM support on Power Amp!
  2. Hahaha blheems brilliant. So simple yet effective There is also a rename option when you long press on a Playlist name so yeah works well Thankyou!
  3. Not sure if it's the same on WMP but I created a Playlist on iTunes then I simply right click on the playlist, select export, choose M3U as the file format and save it in my phones music directory Power amp automatically found the playlist and it is working fine
  4. Would be great if there was an option to enable a small album art thumbnail next to each song when scrolling through the library.
  5. Hi all When I add a song to an already created Playlist the song is added to the Bottom of the playlist Is there any way I can have it added to the top? I understand you can reorder the songs, but my Playlist has over 1000 songs in it and that would take too long Thanks for the help.
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