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  1. I've been looking around here for about an hour and couldn't find much information about DACs. I just got the Fiio Q1 MKII and hooked it up with my Nexus 6p via otg cable. tried to play around with the audio output section and nothing seems to work. The audio keeps coming from the phones speakers instead the the usb. I tested my DAC with another app and it worked fine. Has this feature not been implemented yet? OpenSL ES output seems to be the only thing i can get active. i couldn't get OpenSL ES HD to be active. ill keep looking around and see if i can find out what's wrong. I'm sorry if
  2. i would like a desktop version too! would be neat
  3. Well im able to make the problem occur on demand. I just seek through all my songs kinda fast and it eventually happens. It also can occur while a song is playing Also found a quicker way to quickfix it too. Just change the audio buffer size or audio priority to anything and the volume goes back to normal. It's definitely Poweramp. Tried recreating the problem on Samsungs player and google music player but failed. This sucks..
  4. just got the 4.4.2 update for my galaxy s3 today and now there is an audio bug. For whatever reason during the start of a new song, the volume will go waaay down. So low that it sounds like All the equalizer bars are at their lowest setting(but of course, they're not). Ive messed with all audio priority settings and tried to figure out if another app might be the cause or maybe a new setting is to blame. But nothing works and i cant make the problem happen on demand. It just randomly happens. The bugged audio will persist untill i stop the music for a while and play a different audio (usually
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