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  1. Instead of lowering volume, it results in stuttering instead. Turning DVC off resolves that. Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus (TA-116) Android 9 Poweramp v3 b814
  2. Back in V2, google assistant commands such as next track / prev track / play song with Poweramp used to work, now it doesn't seem to anymore?
  3. The widgets don't seem to update when track changes or their buttons are pressed. Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus Android 9 Pie Poweramp build 810 play Edit: seems to be a launcher issue...
  4. Not all ROMs have a light theme, also many ROMs come with some sort of theming feature?
  5. In, Direct BT Volume Control appears to be enabled by default. But as Poweramp states my ROM does not support that feature, despite the box showing it is enabled. I am unable to uncheck the box as it is grayed out. As Direct Volume Control has caused low volume issues on another ROM before, I suspect that it might be causing the barely audible volume levels with my bluetooth headset.
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