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  1. After lots of errors and problems I've been able to push the skin correctly to my device To correct the "Cannot run program "adb"" error: I added to 'Path' (environment variables) the location of adb.exe Also I corrected the "--version-code" error without modify the build.xml: I edited the skin_custom_rules.xml stored in skin_lib project on line 75 instead of <arg value="${version.code}"/> you should write <arg value="${project.version.code}"/> maybe someone could correct it even on Github.
  2. I have an error when using the 'ant apkpush' command: C:\Users\Roberto\Studio\Programmazione\Android\workspace\skin_lib\skin_custom_rules.xml:103: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "adb": CreateProcess error=2, Unable to find specified file Can anybody help me?
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