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  1. Or in other words: With Poweramp in folderview I see 4 artists on my display at once. With Music Folder Player I see 21 artists on my display at once.... I don't care about the folder symbols/album covers in that situation. The must be a way to turn them off and have a simple list view....
  2. Its sad that I have to say that the last updates made the player even worse instead of better. Instead of minimazing the wasted space in Folder view, there is now even more wasted space with even bigger sized folders and empty space. With over 200 Artists it is simply no longer possible to scroll with one hand. Why is it not possible to make a folder list like in "Music Folder Player" where one Folder is exactly one line high ? If that one was gapless I would change in a heartbeat. How can I revert to revert to an earlier Version in Android ? Is this possible at all ?
  3. Yes, but when i start a topic for a compact list view and someone else writes he wants only album art, I think I am allowed to reply that in MY request I don't want album art...
  4. I don't want any icons or art in this view.
  5. Ais I have to use the folder view because of my "genre" sorting issue, I ran into another problem. In folder mode there is an enormous wasted space. For each line of information it takes 5 lines in total. for example: I have 168 artists in folkrock. for each artist there is a emty space, then a line with the artist name, then a line with the relative path, then a line with the amount of subfolders, then a empty line again. on my device it looks like: Adams, Derol /Folkrock Ordner: 1 Albion Band /Folkrock Ordner: 28 Allcock, Martin /Folkrock Ordner 3 Ape, Beck & Brinkmann /Fol
  6. Yes it is true, but my radio plays for example are about 95 GB So I have to make a folder on the internal 64 GB card, another one on the SD 64 GB card, On Folder browsing I have now two folders one with the Authors A-P and one Q-Z (for example) Using the Library I have alle in one place.
  7. Yep, bookmarks for lengthy files like audiobooks would be great. Alex
  8. +1 for this request. I also tried to disable it.... Alex
  9. Yep, thats the way I am doing this currently, but it would be better If I could do this tag-based. Chers Alex
  10. No, If I choose the genre "Folk Rock" I only want to see the Artists tagged with the genre Folk Rock, I f I choose Rock, I only want to see the artists tagged with the genre Rock, if I choose the genre "Classical" I only want to see may classical music etc etc. Thats the way I am used to since using my first musikplaying software on pc 15 years ago....
  11. Its just the sorting scheme I know from all my other players. For example I don't want to browse through 500 Authors of my radio plays to find the 20-30 Rock Bands/Artists, so when I go to the Rock genre I only see the Rock groups, but when I go to the "Science Fiction" genre I only see thee 200 Authors aof Scince Fiction Radio Plays andwhgen i go to "Krimi" I only see the 300 Authors of crime Radio plays, If I go to Genre "Folkrock" I only see Albion Band, Steeleie Span, Fariport Convention etc etc. It is that way on all players I know (I am new to Android, I have my first Smartphone for 3 da
  12. at the moment I do this with the folder view, so it is somehow possible, but it would be much better to browse tagbased....
  13. Because I have different genres: classical, Folkrock, Rock, Krautrock and spoken word etc. Most important I want the spoken word (radio plays) out of the music library This works on my desktoplayer (foobar2000) and all my iPods. It is a must have for me. However I already bought Poweramp but It would be great If I could use it (I simply did not assume it was not capable of such a basic thing having read all the praise it gets. But In the meantime I have found s few other threads about this in the feature requests part of the forum.... Apart from that it s all one can wish from an audio player
  14. Hi, thanks for the nearly perfect audio player. I have however an issue that is crucial for me, maybe there is a setting that I have not found so far. Is it somehow possible that, If I search in the genres tab that it shows an Artist filter first ? At the moment, if I click on "genres" it shows the all albums (Jethro Tull, Neil Young Zappa etc) mixed. But I want to go on "genres" then choose "Jethro Tull" and then see all Jethro Tull albums date sorted. It woluld be awsome, if that was possible. Cheers Alex
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