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  1. Yes, that works dude with the no DVC option , thanks a lot. What's the better option, audiotrack output or openSL ES output? Greetings.
  2. Hello, since i upgraded my Xperia z5 premium to nougat 7.0 Poweramp doesn't had sound anymore, Just a background sound but i can't hear my music through the speakers and my headphones neither. Other apps like walkman music and Google play music are working fine. I tried with both versions of Poweramp and nothing. Please help.
  3. great!!!, i ´ll be waiting for your answer. I 'll try also find a solution too.
  4. I always use Wired headphones, all my tracks are mp3 format, i tried selecting higher priority thread and still the issue and no ,i don't have root.This is the first time that i have this problem since i bought Poweramp (its my favourite music player)even i was thinking in sell my phone and buy a z2 or install the Google play edition stock rom searching for a definitive solution jaja. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a issue with Poweramp 2.0.9 build 555 in my HTC one m8 Android version kitkat 4.4.2 sense 6. After a minutes listening music the songs have microcuts or jumps , do you have any idea why? I try desinstall and install and still happening. Maybe is a compatibility issue and the HTC m8 needs an update? I always listen Poweramp with Wired headphones. Please help.
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