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  1. I deleted all my Google music songs from the phone then downloaded them to my computer and copied those mp3s across to my phone. Google seems to be closing off its music element more than I'd like. In fact I came to power amp because of Google music's poor handling of album art. While this is not an ideal solution I've chosen to install the Amazon mp3 app. When you download songs they save in good old mp3 in a folder called amazommp3 on the sdcard (/sdcard/amazonmp3) which you can tell Poweramp to have in its library. I don't use the cloud player part of the app as it is terrible. However the price point is similar and the cloud Library available when I'm back at my computer for download there.
  2. I would also like to see more customised settings for the top rated list including a star cut off and use of reading previous rating tags from other apps eg iTunes. My current fix has been to create a m3u playlist called greatest and add all the songs in the top rated list to it (by clicking menu while in the list with no song selected and clicking add to playlist then when told to pick songs clicking select all at the bottom then add). Once in the m3u list I manually removed the tracks I considered rated too low. Fortunately I had only rated a few "low". Without smart/dynamic playlists or customisability of the top rated lists cut off I am unsure of the value of ratings in general - especially the lack of sync between the app and desktop players.
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