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  1. You can't expect DRM-free unlimited downloads for a subscription fee. From a business perspective a user could sign up for one month of prime and download thousands of songs and then end their subscription.

    People always feel hurt by DRM. They should on individual items they buy outright eg an album or movie. However, in terms of unlimited subscription type services there is no place for DRM-free (unless you disband copyright).

  2. It'll be all guess work by the apps I figure. I've been using doubletwist a bit with airsync and with that organising my directories for me and translating the paths. The doubletwist player is terrible mind so I use Poweramp which can see the doubletwist playlists (as it wonderfully saves them as m3u).


    The difficulty comes with the fact editing the lists is only one way sync (doubletwist desktop to phone). If you add a track to the list in Poweramp it gets lost the next time you sync - a shame. So I've added my "favourites list" to a Poweramp playlist which i edit and play with and leave Poweramp to sync across my smart lists from iTunes. 

  3. I'm a big fan of Poweramp and it's genuinely made listening to music on android feel so much more controlled by me rather than by the company that made it. It reminds me a lot of the early days of winamp.


    I also like these forums and think it would be great if there was an off topic thread/area. I don't want to go and post random information in common talk if it's going to get in the way of app discussion.

  4. Similar to the requests for spotify support, I really don't see this as a useful feature. If you're keeping your music in the cloud then that is your priority - not control of your music in terms of location/format/quality/eq. You've locked yourself into a system but want the best of both worlds.

    Get your music downloaded so you've got your files and control of them. Buy mp3s from Amazon as (even though they are a cloud system) when you click download in the app mp3 files come rather than a cached/encripted mess.

    If you use a cloud system you gain space & subscription music but the price is control. Control is important to me-that's why I use Poweramp

  5. Interesting to hear about musicbee. I'm not sure I'm keen to install another app to fix this but it's a cool idea.

    I figure it's harder to program this than you say cookie. Indeed you've had 2 years to create a 3rd party solution yourself. It's difficult as a customer sometimes-you feel entitled because you spent money and in some respects you are. However, you have bought the app "as is" -meaning you are only entitled to the features advertised and no more. The fact you get updates with new features (and not just bug fixes) is actually rather generous.

  6. Sounds like you've got locked in (trapped in a system with no export options).

    Seems like you could go to the Amazon web cloud player and download each playlists music into a folder then use desktop software eg foobar or iTunes to make a playlist from that folder of music then export that playlist as an m3u and add it to your phone.

    I've had luck with iTunes exported playlists working without changing the path to android paths before but I do keep the folder structure. You may need to edit the paths in a text editor if it doesn't play off the bat.

  7. Embeding album art has been the bane of my existence. I used to be obsessed with getting this right but I've found more and more problems/frustrations can come through this and it takes more work/time.

    My answer has been to pick apps that fix it for you/display the art you ask them to. Poweramp let's you set a preference for art in the folder to be displayed. I then pair this with "album art grabber" app which saves and auto collects album art simply and easily. It also let's you pick from different databases or from the SD card. I know Poweramp has an art grabber of sorts but I've never really worked it out - album art grabber has just been simpler.

    This way I don't have to care that iTunes saves ripped track album art in its own database. (And yes, I still prefer iTunes to all other desktop media players: convert me ye will not)

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