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  1. Possible, they are from a different album. Most other players are able to identify and play it,the file extension is flac. Will the encoding software make such a difference? will have to ascertain this. thanks
  2. Further To Add - All FLAC files 192/24 are recognised and played by Power amp. Not recognising any of the FLAC 96/24 in the same folder
  3. I am glad I found this thread with some responses for FLAC play back issues. The new thread I started titled- 96 KHz 24 bit received no replies. I have a high res folder containing FLAC 96- 24 files and the files dint show up. Strangely today when I opened the folder, one file 192- 24 bit showed up and I managed to play the file! Seeking answers from senior users. thanks Further To Add - All FLAC files 192/24 are recognised and played by Power amp. Not recognising any of the FLAC 96/24 in the same folder
  4. Thanks Andre for the detailed note, interesting app possibilities for using Wi fi networks. My RAID arrays are limited to storage and edit of my films. May be I should extend its function as a music archive.
  5. I tried playing some 96 KHz 24 bit FLAC audio using Pro amp and it failed to recognise the tracks or the folder. Does Proamp support FLAC 24 bit audio? Thanks
  6. I use the folder, sub folder structure to organise the tracks into albums. Every album is a folder containing all the pertaining tracks and multiple albums are grouped into a larger folder that specifies the genre. The album art, chosen and downloaded from the net, is inserted into each album folder. I Prefer to keep the Library in the folder mode and listen to all the tracks from one album. If you follow this pattern there should be no hitch unless you have activated the Shuffle as pointed by Andre in the previous post.
  7. I am unable to comprehend on such a huge file sharing application. Could you please elaborate on the functionality ? Thanks
  8. Wow that's huge! thanks for the info, leaves us with an incredible possibility for expansion.
  9. I raised this question in a separate thread and received no replies. I am reiterating the same question to seek answers to my usage options. I use a USB OTG drive with my entire music loaded into folders, sub folders exceeding 5 GB in size. Power amp is able to scan and list all the folders and files. I hope to expand my entire music library collection which will exceed 10 GB. Will power amp be able to hold on and support the larger file size?
  10. I am using USB OTG with Pro amp, all the library , folder and file details, including album art are retained even after removing the pen drive. Please go to settings and check your Folders & Library .
  11. I am new to this forum although its been a month since I started using power amp to access and play music from a pen drive connected through the simple USB OTG connector. I have loaded my entire music library on the pen drive and it works flawlessly. Happy that this app can play AIFF and wave files, although most of my tracks are in the lossy codecs like aac, mp3, wma. The default music player that comes with Android cannot play any of the uncompressed formats like Wave or AIFF. I am yet to see the limitations of Power amp in terms of handling large file sizes or accessing multiple
  12. I have loaded my entire I tunes library on a pen drive and use the USB OTG feature to play the music. My Music folder accessed by power amp is quite large with multiple file formats, at the moment its working fine, I am able to play the AIFF and wave files from my music folder. Are there any file or folder size limitations for power amp to display ,access and play the the Music files? thanks
  13. I have been using the Power amp 2.0.9 build 555 for more than a month now. Initially I had enabled the album art download feature but found the quality too low besides the choice of album designs were poor. So now I download JPEG files directly from the net and insert them into the respective album folders. It works very well for files that are not embedded and I find the software creates its own version of the JPEG- albumart.pamp file in the same folder. This way i can ensure and choose the best design and quality for each album. I wish to know from experienced users here if there are an
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