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  1. At least these two visualization presets by Adamfx do not work on Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Recreation Infusion 2 Julian Tiles
  2. I would like to delete or disable some of the milkdrop presets such as Julian Tiles, because they don't work on Poweramp.
  3. The "Julian Tiles" preset is not working for me on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on v3-build-804. How can I delete it?
  4. Recently I got a Maceton WM4BE Bluetooth receiver which supports AptX. On my Sony Xperia Z5 with Poweramp (version 2.0.10 build 588) the sound quality is very good but with other apps (Sony music player, Spotify, YouTube) it sounds too loud and crackles quite a bit. I've checked my Sony audio settings and even changed to safe mode, but apps other than Poweramp still sound bad... So I'm wondering exactly what Poweramp does differently to Bluetooth audio compared to other apps? Has anyone had similar experience with the Xperia Z5? Turning Bluetooth DVC on increases the volume in Poweramp, b
  5. Bluetooth skips really badly on Xperia Z5 when I'm doing background tasks like browsing among other things. However, I think this is a problem with the Marshmallow update as many others have been having the problem and it even skips in the stock music app (although less often). It would also be nice if Poweramp could be made immersive, so that the visualizations fill up the entire screen. As for the visualization not changing, I found out it happens when I rotate the screen. I'm still not sure why 2-3 of the presets do not work at all.
  6. Also, I noticed some visualizer presets don't seem to appear at all... and sometimes it gets stuck in one preset and does not transition even though I set it to change ever 10 seconds. Also there should be a way to keep the screen on when using visualizer. I'm using Xperia Z5 with high res output.
  7. I think he means there should be a way to separate the types of visualizers so that you can have album art, screensaver (milkdrop) and spectrum visualizers. Currently there's no way to restrict them or delete the builtin visualizers, so if I shuffle the presets, it often transitions from milkdrop into a spectrum and vice versa. If I want to see visualizations I would prefer seeing milkdrop only.
  8. I hope you can make it so we can select which visualizations that can be shuffled. I prefer shuffling only the Milkdrop visuals and not those ones with spectrums (but would still want them sometimes). Maybe you should make a way to separate categories of presets like Windows Media Player has.
  9. Not sure if it's due to the version but I can't delete any files with Poweramp. It goes to the "Grant Access" prompt but after I select allow access it does nothing. The files can still be deleted by ES File Explorer. I've also noticed a few duplicates and having CUE sheets in the folder can mess up the track order as well
  10. I have the same problem on HTC Butterfly s, but it's a subtle ZAP that occurs every now and then (when it does, it's usually at the exact same part of the song). It's been happening since I first got the phone on Android 4.2 and it has been updated to 4.3 and more recently 4.4. On my previous phone (HTC One X+) I noticed some occasional audio skipping but although it was irritating it usually only happened when the screen is on or I'm multitasking. Stock music player by some manufacturers (as opposed to Android) appear to use a different audio thread than a third party player; they are not
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