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  1. That would be an option, but then you're stuck to whatever is playing. You can't add a few songs or even a whole album, unless you start making playlists.
  2. One thing that has been bothering me since I first bought Poweramp (8 years ago?) is that damn Queue list thing. It never seemed practical to me and I always find me bothered by the way it works. You're playing music and want to add something to the list, and it starts a queue list and jumps to that list and then jumps back and what not. I would love to see an option to get rid of that whole queue list thing and just make the "now playing" list dynamical like all other music players in the world. That would make the app so much more enjoyable and a lot less frustrating and complicated.
  3. Any news on this issue yet? I've also tried the version without google services, but 2 times out of 3 I had the drain. The only version I'm found so far that works flawless is 820.
  4. Have you tried it with high resolution audio? I've been testing it for a few hours now, and I get about 15% drain per hour. But that's at home without navigation and using a B&W P5 Wireless.
  5. I do think it might have something to do with that, because it was the only difference between the two rides, except me going in the opposite direction.
  6. Just went through this whole topic, since I also have this battery drain and heating issue on PA 836. I mostly use PA while out riding the motorcycle, so my Galaxy S7 (android 8.0.0) is connected to my Sena 3S headset, while the phone is mounted on the bike with the screen turned off. I have a 2 hour drive going home on Friday and back on Sunday, so that is when I use the app for a longer period. Last Friday going home, the phone was at about 90 percent charge when I left and after two hours listening to music and using Flitsmeister navigation (screen off, only notifications thr
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