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  1. Sample files are in my original post and I already emailed support regarding this issue. I was told that this was due to a ffmepg codec issue that Poweramp is currently using and that it needs to be updated. I was told the ETA regarding this fix was August 2014......
  2. Max, Any update on this thread? This is still an issue for many of us.....
  3. Confirmed that Google play store has version 561.
  4. Andre I can confirm that stripping out the album art and then re-applying it via iTunes, or any other music application, resolves the problem.
  5. I like my group therapy and epic radio - especially when it's automatically synced via iTunes and iSyncr to my Note 3!
  6. ajabhi95, I have had this problem as well. Try going into bluetooth, click the settings icon for your bluetooth device, and choose only media audio (make sure phone audio is unchecked) - it should then work. Additionally, if you are rooted and use Tasker you can fix this problem automatically and continue to use phone and media audio. You will need to setup a Profile when State -> BT connected. When this profile is activated, run a task that Sets Bluetooth Voice Off and then Bluetooth Voice On. You may need to add a 500ms delay in between these two actions run. Please let me know if you have any other questions and if this works. Thanks!
  7. There are two ways to resolve this issue: 1. Ignore Short Tracks (builds 557 and above) In Poweramp Settings --> Folders and Library --> Ignore Short Tracks Set this setting to the desired track length (up to 30 seconds in build 558) that you would like to ignore 2. Choose specific music folders In Poweramp Settings --> Folders and Library --> Music Folders Check or Uncheck the folders you would like included in your music library in Poweramp
  8. Does anyone know if version 558 fixes these problems? I noticed in the Change Log for this version MaxMP lists: - improved duration recognition for some mp3s I will provide an update of this issue later when I am home.
  9. MaxMP got back to me via email and provided us with this response: Thank you, MaxMP! Keep up the good work!
  10. Max, Have you had a chance to look at this for me? Thank you again for creating such a great app!
  11. I am also running a Note 3 with a Stock KitKat Rom, which is tweaked by myself. I have no playback issues via headphones or bluetooth using Poweramp and Viper4Android.
  12. Thank you for trying, Andre. Can you please change your vote to the correct response? Max, in my post above I showed the media analysis of the two files. The original file was downloaded using the podcast feed directly from Above and Beyond (http://static.aboveandbeyond.nu/grouptherapy/podcast.xml). The fixed file was created after converting the file to AAC format using the "Create AAC Version" on the right click menu in iTunes. Only new episodes, #80 and above are in the new M4A format that causes an issue. The old episodes, #79 and lower, are in MP3 format. Another podcast feed I listed to, Eric Prydz Epic Radio (http://ericprydz.podtree.com/feed/podcast/) is also now in the new M4A format and is also causing playback issues with Poweramp. I would really appreciate it if you could look into the issue and resolve it so I don't have to manually convert these files before syncing them with my device. Thank you again!
  13. Check my post here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6225-playback-issues-with-itunes-m4a-podcasts-with-Poweramp/
  14. Below are the codec information for both files. I believe the problem stems from the original file containing tx3g and JPEG as the Video Codec. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nhysmp02stk40c/MediaComparison.jpg
  15. Also, can you do me a favor and try to play this file on your Poweramp app: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2020630/%23080%20Group%20Therapy%20Radio%20with%20Above-Original.m4a It should play fine from the beginning if you do not play/pause/rewind/fast forward the song. If you do, it will freeze and skip to the next track. That is the major issue that I am trying to report here now via this thread. The song above was downloaded via the following XML Podcast feed: http://static.aboveandbeyond.nu/grouptherapy/podcast.xml
  16. Any podcast apps that you know of on Android that also sync podcasts into a playlist?
  17. What application do you use to download podcasts and sync them with your android device? I currently do have to convert the automatically downloaded and synced podcasts from iTunes in order to correct this problem with Poweramp. However, this is frustrating as I have to manually perform this process.
  18. I use iSyncr to sync my iTunes library daily with my phone. The process works perfectly with Poweramp and I have no problem with Poweramp getting the new playlists and files once they are synced. Recently iTunes has moved to the M4A format for many of the podcasts I subscribe to. Unfortuantely these files are only able to be played by Poweramp from the beginning. Once I try to fast forward, rewind, or pause the song, the file cannot be restarted by Poweramp. The application then goes to the next track in the playlist or tries to play the file from the beginning. If I right click the Podcast in iTunes and use the "Convert to AAC Format" feature, which still leaves the M4A extension, I am able to play/pause/fast forward/rewind the file without a problem in Poweramp. I believe the only difference between these two files is that the newly converted M4A does not have the "Chaptering" features that the original file has. Does Poweramp support M4A chaptering? Will this be fixed in the future? Sample files: Original M4A with Chaptering from iTunes with problemshttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2020630/%23080%20Group%20Therapy%20Radio%20with%20Above-Original.m4aFixed M4A after using the Convert to AAC Format in iTuneshttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2020630/%23080%20Group%20Therapy%20Radio%20with%20Above-Working.m4a Thank you for your help.
  19. I am having the same issue using my Verizon Galaxy Note 3 over Bluetooth when using Viper4Android. It was working in previous Poweramp builds and in previous Android OS Versions (4.4.2 and 4.3). I have disabled Direct Volume, BT Direct Volume Control, MusicFX, and the Route Output option. Device and ROM details: Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon Wireless) OS: Android 4.4.2 ROM: Stock Poweramp version: 2.0.9 Build 555 (full version)
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