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  1. When you say in google now "Listen to Coldplay" for example, Poweramp looks for the first song It finds and the next ones are random...when it should be playing any song with Coldplay as artist, doesn't it?
  2. Although we are talking about the best android player for sure, the design became a little bit outdate imho... It has been the same since 2.3.X android versions I think and It would be a very good feature to make a full redesign of the application using the new Android L / Material design guidelines and features, would empower greatly the app... I wonder how this app still doesn't have it being one of the best android apps...
  3. Absolutely this is a MUST! I have been requesting this through the bug tracker, why? Because Google Now integration already works, however It does not work well as It should. When you look for an artist or album it ONLY does plays the FIRST song matching the search criteria, but no matter what, the next song played will be a random one. This needs to get fixed ASAP, is an asspain for those that we use the phone as a car dock to play our music through the car bluetooth.
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