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  1. Thanks. That has helped immensely. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to play albums via a tasker intent, so that I can browse and play music from a Pebble Smartwatch. I can get tasker to send basic commands. For example, to toggle pause in tasker: Action: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND Extra: cmd:1 Target: Service As soon as I try to play an album I get no result using the following tasker intent: Action: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND Data: content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer/FOLDER/94 Extra: cmd:20 Target: Service Am I missing something or is tasker simply incapable of sending the intent? If it is incapable then please help me out with the above, exact intent, as a shell command. It would be greatly appreciated as I have been reading up and trying to get this working for a week now. Thanks in advance. Great app.
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