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  1. I'm looking for a skin with larger buttons, larger text and appropriate colour coding. If you're wondering, I need a skin like this to make it easier to navigate whilst driving. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps such a skin is in development?
  2. I like this feature where the player automatically plays music when the headphones are connected. My problem is however, that the volume goes to maximum which, 1. Damages my expensive earphones. 2. Damages my ears. Is there a way to make the player automatically play music at medium volume rather than maximum?
  3. Problem: When pressing 'next' or swiping to the next track, it takes 5-10 seconds to switch. Meaning that after pressing the next button, the current song continues to play for waaaay too long. It's so annoying, especially when you don't want to listen to that song. I have about 20GB of music and own the full version of Power Amp. Why am I having to put up with this bullshit for a paid app? Fix this issue.
  4. Firstly, I'm using the Sony Xperia Z. Running Kitkat 4.4.4 I experience a lag in track switching whenever I want to go next or previous. Every 3-5 track switches, the player continues playing the previous song for about 5 seconds even though the album artwork has changed the next song. It's so irritating, especially when you come across a song which you don't want t listen to and you have no choice but to listen to it, because Poweramp decides to play it for extra long. I expect more from a paid app. Very disappointing.
  5. The Sony Xperia Z doesn't have any such button to bring up another menu. The action bar I propose is necessary for mobile users like me.
  6. Absolutely not. It's a beautiful graphic and creates such a modern/elegant look. Definitely do NOT remove it. Make it optional at best.
  7. Like what Apple has done with their UI. For super quick access instead of opening menus via a tiny button and locating the correct tile through a list. This 'optional'feature would be great for those of us who drive vehicles and don't feel comfortable with the current method. Easy access for safe driving (: I'd much rather have this action bar rather than the one with the EQ settings. I use the EQ button like once a month. I'd use my proposed action bar 10`s of times in a single day.
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