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  1. I'm legally blind and have difficulty reading the song titles in the app. It seems this request has fallen on deaf ears. Just the same, this feature would be beneficial to me in so many ways. The current font is just way too small.
  2. I bought Poweramp Pro about a month ago and absolutely love it. My only gripe is in regard to shuffled songs in the queue. If I add a certain number of songs to the queue BEFORE playing them, those songs will play without a problem, and without repeats. However, if I'm playing my queue list and choose to add more songs to that existing list, then songs that have played are repeated. I'm requesting a feature that will REMOVE songs from the queue list once they've played. This would solve the issue of that list being repeated when new songs are added to the queue. I've seen this done on other music players and it's extremely convenient, especially when you're having a party and allowing people to choose their own songs.
  3. I have a similar problem.....at least in terms of songs repeating within the queue, even when "repeat" is turned OFF. when I have songs in queue, I have it on shuffle mode to play them randomly. What I expect is for each song to play only once within the queue. Instead, songs are constantly repeated. Any idea how to remedy this?
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