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  1. Would be awesome if you could make it work, I prefer Poweramp over hiby's music app tenfold
  2. I don't know if this is even possible but wanted to ask anyway. HiBy Music app can stream to supported devices via bluetooth using UAT, sort of one step above LDAC. Is there any chance we'll be able to do this using Poweramp? Here's some general info on UAT: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hiby-w5-bluetooth-receiver-is-here-better-than-ldac.897853/ Thanks.
  3. Is someone actually looking into this bug? I have exactly the same issue, I have a hi-res dac playing over ldac, but pa doesn't want to switch to hi res when playing anything, it just states the output is speaker, like the post I quoted.
  4. Well, the issue we're having is that our Bluetooth devices somehow are registering as though Poweramp is just using phone speaker. So for some reason a Bluetooth dac is not recognised as a Bluetooth device
  5. Well, that's not true. I have an aptx hd dac and an ldac dac, both support hi res
  6. Thanks, that wasn't my question though. My question is why a bt dac shows up as phone speaker in Poweramp. As you might have noticed, hd isn't available for phone speaker in 709
  7. I have exactly the same issue, and hence can't stream HD to my bt dac which supports it on version 709. Is this intended behaviour or a bug please @maxmp
  8. Well, at least that is some good news.. We'll have to wait and see, we have had eta's in the past
  9. Well, seeing almost all Oreo devices have lost Hi-Res support on the alpha, I just hope that it's not just a user interface update. Max saying all the underlying is still the same does not fill me with hope so I will probably stick with Neutron untill hi-res support is there again for SD835 chipsets on Oreo. There are so many hi res alternatlves out there, it just seems like almost a loosing battle if that part hasn't been fixed.
  10. IMO forums are there to help each other, if that means pointing to another app.... so be it. Especially since the developper of the app stated he is not going to contribute or offer support or answer questions in this forum himself. Of course I still have the alpha installed and am hoping for an update soon. I didn't know you had such long toes but I guess I stepped on them, I don't really see what the problem is here but obviously you do have an issue with me, again...so be it..... Happy that the case is closed for you, as it is for me.
  11. I am just giving some friendly consumer advice to people who's high quality output has stopped working since about a year ago as it did on mine. That's what I am doing in a Poweramp forum and a thread for an alpha (a year and a half old alpha) Seeing the non alpha version doesn't support hi res audio, I had to switch. I'd love to get Poweramp back up and running, in the meantime whilst we all wait patiently for an update that might or might not come, I use Neutron and am advicing others who are running into problems to do the same. I don't see any issue with that, do you?
  12. This is very rapidly become one of the most nonsensical forum discussions I am subscribed to Just face it, Poweramp was great, for some is still great, and most probably will not get an update in a long time. If you're that concerned with truly high quality music, just use NEutron if Poweramp doesn't work. Sure, the UI isn't that great but when it comes to music, isn't it the tunes that matter? If Poweramp still works for you, brilliant, just use that.. Whether Max abandoned Poweramp or not, whether he's taking a year or a week to release some form of an update...
  13. Why doesn't Max put those updates here? I am sure the hardcore community which are all present in this forum would understand things a lot more and won't be so disgruntled if Max kept us updated, even if it's not all good news, every now and then. It's not the fact it's taking so long, it's the fact that everyone seems to feel this project is abandoned due to no developer comments. If we got an update every now and then I'm sure people will stay on board and wait for next release more patiently as I'm sure it's going to be a good one... Just my two cents as I am sure Max already lost a
  14. Have to agree , also on neutron. No issues with playback on htc 10 like with Poweramp .
  15. So after also trying to reach out to developer via email and getting no response at all, I have to agree with above posts that development has stopped and there is no support offered for paying customers. Very disappointing I must say.
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