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  1. I'm using default dark skin in a a Note 8 with enough screen to show all the song art long press menu, but it apeared cropped, so I should scroll down unnecesarely to see all content. Hope that could be solved in a latter release. Thanks
  2. Couldn't Library and Search Nav Bar buttons merge in one and go to a combined screen with Lib, like it is now, and a search field (focused to receive typing/voice directly) integrated at the bottom? The free button will be valuable for other proposals. Maybe for a player button as home Will be nice also if you add some shortcut for current skin settings. Maybe like in widgets. Because right now it is a real pain to get there. More thant 5 press and the same back. Thanks. Pd. I love the potential of new skin framework, but navigation should be pulished a little.
  3. With current app it is not possible to play a m3u file from a es-explorer lan location. It is possible to solve that or, even better, allow Poweramp to fix his own web folders? Thanks
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