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  1. Some classic music .mp3 files I'm used to play on Poweramp are nearly 2 hours long. In this case on the meta tag track there is only one track number , that is track 01. Usually symphonies and concerts are divided in movements , so in terms of files it should be this way too. I mean each movement has its separate file and each file's meta tag numbered with respective track number in ascending order. As a matter of fact many folders I have with classic music or jazz are organized that way. I have not trouble , no matter what else I play ( shorter files ! ), every time I get bac
  2. Yes , that´s a local popular way of payment (bank slip) Well I will give it a try , it is only 15 bucks anyway. Thanks
  3. Intriguing that there is a link Buy @ powerampapp.com that redirects to Buy Now, Directly no Google Services required (Poweramp v3) US$ 3.99* Clicking on Buy Now it comes up a form to fill up the personal info and SELECT A PAYMENT METHOD drop down which gives me 3 options , one of them is a bank slip , basically a document with the value and a bar code to pay on the local bank to the local proxy to PayPro Global . I recognize that It seems to be a long shot. I asked friends if I could pay on someone's credit card , I would give to whoever agreed the money. But no one is willing to
  4. I want to buy the license directly that means PayPro Global involved. I have no credit card and intend to pay by means a bank slip. Sometime ago I asked here and as far as I can remember someone wrote that it may not work. I have no other option , just confirm whether you don´t advise to pay through PayPro. In case I buy directly what exactly you will send me , a key # to unlock ? (by means email ?)
  5. I can´t root as it is still under warranty and I don´t feel quite confortable with changing things in Android. If something goes wrong I may end up with a bricked phone. But within some months I will change the device for a Samsung Galaxy which is another story : I used a borrowed J5 for a month and loved it as I loved its Android as well. I installed Poweramp on J5 and the impression I have is that it sounds better than the Motorola I had and the Alcatel I have now . I am not quite sure , it is too subjective to state it sounds better (?)
  6. Thank you for answering andrewilley : I contacted Alcatel , the menu the support people suggested me to disable the notification does not exist on my Android. They don´t seem to know very well this model. The only way possible is to disable wifi.
  7. Brand : Alcatel Model Pixi3 35 Model # 4009 Not exactly an addition , it looks like to be a reduction.
  8. Thank you for answering. The team who programmed Android should have thought about this. I Think the only solution is to turn wi-fi off as you say.
  9. WI FI sound notification , it is not possible to cancel this annoying sound with Andoid 4.4 kit kat - As I am used to walk hearing music and all the time the device finds wifi signals and pings , it annoys me deeply. I could not find a way to disable this feature , it looks like to be a shortcoming of this version of Android. I thought I could get rid of this notification by leaving Audio > Audio Focus > "Short Audio Focus Change" unchecked but it has not worked. Is there any other way to get rid of this problem?
  10. I noticed audio distortion when playing some 128 khz mp3 files (strangely enough not on all files , just a few , I have in my SD card). Then I decided to connect to my desktop and play such files with windows media player. Hearing with a Koss earphone there is no distortion at all. What is the explanation ? Thanks
  11. I´ve turned Poweramp upside down and haven´t found a way to find folders and read files from external source like pen-drive or a computer. It looks like external devices are not scanned to find folders with files when usb storage is on. Thanks
  12. APRIIL 30 2014 I am really annoyed with "Too many failed files, Playing will stop now" error message and , considering the possibility to download another player. There is nothing wrong with my sd card , all folders (media>audio>mp3 folders) can be read , the files are mp3 files that used to play normally in the last week. Problem started a couple of days ago. I remember I had the same problem in playing unsupported wma files but they were replaced by mp3.So what is wrong and is there a way to correct it ? Thank you for your help. version 1.0 build-230 full version android
  13. Before posting I read this post : http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/2682-too-many-failed-files-playing-will-stop-now/ My question is : If all the files (.mp3) are on the sd card and I can play them on my desktop when connected through the usb - why this message occurs ? It happens after playing 5 or 6 tracks of an album. Thank you for your attention.
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