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  1. Andre, Thank you for the reply. My music is not showing except in the All Songs List. So I am taking your advice and creating a playlist with the songs in the order that I want them in.
  2. I have an HTC One Max.with Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554-play(Full Version) loaded. I created a playlist (90 songs) on my computer which I then loaded onto the phone. At first the list played in the order in which I loaded it. But somehow the list has become scrambled and now will not play in the order in which I loaded it. I have tried reloading the list in a different area on the phone and switching the player to only look in that folder but the list is still playing in the scrambled order. I have shuffle turned off in the player and repeat the list turned on. How can I get my list to play in the
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