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  1. i think the title explains itself, when i change the album art for an album it only changes the cover for the song that is playing, i dont know if that is a bug or is working as intended but if it is then could you please add a way to change the art for the entire album it really sucks to have to change cover by cover of a single album.
  2. well, when i first got the app i didn´t have album art for a lot of albums and i am 100% sure i didn´t have to select album art for each song on the albums, but since this was a few updates ago maybe this has changed, is there any option to change the album art for the entire album. Also while i was teaking around with the app to fix this, i noticed that now some albums display the wrong album art while i am browsing the albums, i saw a post with the same problem with no solution and that was back in 2012, so its sad that they haven´t fixed it since the main reason i got Poweramp was for the a
  3. when i long press a song in an album to change the album art, it just changes the art for the song i a listening, i know it wasn´t this way before and it´s really annoying.
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