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  1. Yeah I wish there are better apps around. Winamp doesn't work in relocating my FLAC files (through wireless at least) to my Android device claiming that it's an unsupported file format. doubleTwist's AirSync doesn't work in relocating my files without a ton of "Unknown Errors". During the last few days, I also found a solution to my problem but it only leads me to another problem - Google Play Music doesn't only hide its music but also strip them of all tags. However, for the reference of anyone else who is still interested in syncing music from Google Play Music in spite of this fact, however... Please refer to
  2. Hi guys, I am using a Nexus 5 device and using Google Play Music to sync my music files onto my Android device for offline play. However, I wish to use Poweramp for my music playback - this is proving to be a great challenge as I am unable to load the music files I synced using Google Play Music because the Play Music is storing its music files in a folder that's inaccessible through normal means (i.e. without root) Could anyone offer any advice/pointers on how to get Poweramp to load the library of music I downloaded from Google Play that does not involve copy/pasting the music into a folder that Poweramp can access? Thanks!
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