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  1. Hey all the tags are correct and when I go to do a full rescan it is grayed out... Also I noticed at the top where it says rescan it has the loading symbol and says it is scanning... But it has been doing this for a couple days now. I have also tried re-installing. Thanks for the response.
  2. Also all of my songs in my All Songs sections of library say unknown artist and unknown album. Im not sure why, the album artwork is showing and all. And the artist and albums show fine in my default music player...
  3. Hello all... I just downloaded Poweramp and it all seems really cool. My only problem is that all my songs are only showing in the all songs tab. When I click on artists or albums nothing shows up. It says that it is scanning folders but it has now said that for about 3 hours. All my songs are there and accounted for but they are just only showing up in all songs tabs. Thanks
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