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  1. I still have this issue. :| Any admin there?
  2. Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Rom: CM 11 Kikkat 4.4.2 Poweramp version: 2.09-build-554-play(Full) My problem: I start to listen something wia Poweramp, and i lock my phone still running Poweramp. After 5-10 min Poweramp stops! Also i am opening Poweramp after close, mp3 goes to old location (old time location). This happens for all my songs. And Sleep Timer is off. I will share my photos. 1st i open: 2nd it got closed. This ss after open screen lock. 3rd mp3 time goes back: U CAN LOOK THE TIME. After 6 min it stopped. I hate this. What should i do? Or if it is a bug please fix it. Thanks.
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