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  1. It would be nice just to have a rated playlist. For me if I give a track a rating it just means i'll probably not skip it and like to put my rated tracks on shuffle, even if it has 1 star
  2. I'm having the same issue. I cleared it by accident a couple days ago and added since then and nothing is coming up. even after rescanning Also it would also be nice to have a confirmation box come up when clearing
  3. yea he removed it from the play store. good thing I backed it up but i wouldn't know how to retrieve it as an apk if that's even possible
  4. YES! the Ikorolkov Kit Kat skin to me is the only acceptable one I'v seen so far. classy, simple, clean and well layed out. the only thing i would improve on the skin would be to have a slightly larger seek bar and wider margins horizontally between the media buttons, track info and seek bar so its not so squished to the bottom but apart from that nothing even comes close. oh and just having black and white with the that right type of blue for the seek and scroll bar was perfect
  5. The feature of having a seek bar within the list under the current playing track was something I really enjoyed and such a standout quality of life feature
  6. For me the idea the idea of summing up the complexity of music with a thumbs up or down is pretty reductive and pointless beyond what was mention above of delete and keep but as long as they don't get rid of it i don't care I'm actually apart of the ones that have been waiting for embedded ratings for years now and would like to see half stars @flyingdutchman is your app able to read embedded rating and import them to Poweramp?
  7. yea thats what iv resorted to using now and keep changing tracks when i just want to lower my volume cause i double click too fast out of habit. also im not tech savvy enough in terms of phones to be doing anything beyond installing roms and such (semi lazy)
  8. im done with cutom roms for awhile and picked up a htc one m8 and to my suprise it didnt have this setting anywhere natively
  9. every now and again trhough out a track it will stutter or cut out for a fraction of a second. not a massive break but very annoying and yes i have disabled all the music fade and played around with audio buffer size and increases audio thread prority
  10. i sent a message to another moderator after fixing this completly by chance "after accidentaly copying my music folder from my PC which has been auto organised into sub folders with <main music folder> <artists> <album> <songs> i would assume Poweramp has a real big problem with directories that have too many files in a singular folder since i just use to have over 4000 tracks in one folder." its a shame it has to work like this since Poweramp isnt able to auto organise music so adding tracks in the future will be a pain having to go into my files and one by one finding
  11. since usb audio isnt really native on any rom iv tried you have to use the usb audio player pro thing that if it wanst for the fact that it played audio out of the usb, it would be the worst music player out there. if some how this was achieved on Poweramp this would be king on every device for audiophiles
  12. this is ridiculous. if my sd card in any other format than Fat32 takes way to long to mount and scan so i have to use it and Poweramp just straight up doesnt work when i have more than a few thousand tracks. every other music player works fine no problem and this has been going on for months
  13. i have the same problem and posted twice into these forums with no replies and it seems to be that no issues get resolved on this forum. i know this is over a year ago this was posted but if you read this and have found a solution could you let me know. its 2014 so going back to a previous version would be ridiculous
  14. very often the player gets stuck on a song where i cant choose to play or skip to the next song until the current one is over. i can still fast forward, seek and browse. at first i thought it was my SD card but all other players work fine version: 2.0.9-build-558-play (full version) samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300 4.3.1 cyanogenmod 10.2.0
  15. for some reason i have the feeling i saw this option at some point but i could have just made it up and think i did
  16. recently Poweramp started to lag alot during every process when playing music list of issues are: -power button wont turn off screen -slow/freezes when skipping or selecting tracks -volume lags going up and down -pause/play doesnt seem to work half the time i assume it has something to do with Poweramp reading the SD card since all other music players work fine and put songs onto my internal memory for Poweramp to play and that worked fine too it will play probly about 8 tracks fine every now and again then resume lagging which i assume is because it loads some tracks until it has to read th
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