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  1. Hello everybody, I am (was) a very happy user of Poweramp on my HTC One until I bought an iBASSO DX90. Very worthy DAP that I use everyday. So now I miss Poweramp and all its so good features and IHM. As DX90 (or DX50 the little brother) are under Android, is possible to think about to port Poweramp to DX90 ? Rockbox was ported to DX50, so why not with Poweramp. If you plan to work on it, I can be beta tester of course. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello! Like evrybody here I could tell Poweramp is a great app with great sound and features BUT like a lot of people I'm waiting for a streaming integration : streaming with cloud services like spotify, google, deezer, qobuz, etc. and intergration with cloud storage (DropBox, Copy...). What are the real and effective news about that? I scrolled in the forum and saw a lot of topics about this features and a lot of Poweramp posts saying : "ok, it's coming"... but the way seems to be quite long... Will you really integrate such features and, if yes, when? Tanks for the response and thanks for the job, 'cause Poweramp is trully the best local music player. It could become the best music player...
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