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  1. License verification doesn't seem to be the problem here. However, the app has become unusable for me. In extent to my previous issue, I discovered the reason why my battery drained so quickly: Check out some screenshots here: http://tobiass.nl/screens/ One of the screenshots shows that Poweramp has been awake all the time, it hasn't been playing though..
  2. Last month I went over my data plan, so I had to disable my mobile internet connection for a while. Since I disabled it, Poweramp randomly froze every 50 minutes at least (I cycle 50 minutes to school, at least one time during these 50 minutes). The total duration of the track shows -:-- (or something similar). When I select another track, this will stay the same, and the other track won't start playing. I have to Force Close the app, and even that doesn't work sometimes. Could it be a problem with license verification? I bought the license on the website, 13 days ago. ROM: Neatrom 4.4.2 build 3.2 Device: Samsung Galaxy S II Linux: 3.0.80+
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