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  1. Hello All, I am loving the Poweramp so far, but here some feature requests which would eliminate the need for me to use Google play music or stock player. I would love it if you would be able to make 'Album Artist' tag searchable and also a list of all 'Album artist' available like there is one for artists and composers. [The searching function works in Google play music] Also a similar feature for 'lyicist' tag would make me fall in love with Poweramp head over heels :-) [i see it on mediamonkey on my PC] So Give me two more lists there, you great guys! p.s. I had previously also had a feature request for play by year, as in my stock player on android or Mediamonkey on my PC. So Make that, three lists ;-) [The reason I am requesting Lyricist and album artist tag is because I listen to Bollywood songs where, in a single album there are multiple singers, multiple lyricists(iconic poets also), Multiple composers. Sometimes I want to hear the song from the same lyricist. For a work around I assign Lyricist(s) as my Album-artist(s) so that they can be searched atleast in Google Play Music.] Thank you.
  2. Thanks for Info. Any idea approximately when 3.0 will be released? p.s. Loving Poweramp
  3. Hello Everyone, I have just bought Poweramp 2 days back. I haven't Got much time to play with it, so pardon me if I ask something which already exists. I would love to play my Songs according to the year they were released in. For example my stock player in Note 2 has option to play songs by 1960s, 1970s, 1980s etc. But I really don't want to jump to my stock player for that one feature. I would be really really happy to see this feature. (p.s. Also overlay display of lyrics on top of album art would make me ecstatic) Thank you.
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