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  1. Hey Andre, thanks for the reply. Since the Artist page has an option to show all songs from the artist, I think it makes more sense that long-press option on Player screen goes to Artist page so that I can select different album from the artist or just select "all songs". Also, why is there is a limitation on the number of pictures that are displayed when changing artist picture or album picture? I would love to see this option modified to include more results and also and option to do custom search (checkout how PlayerPro does it). That's fine, I understand about the ringtone being
  2. From the player screen when I select "Artist" it takes me to a screen with all songs by the Artist, instead this should take the screen which shows All Albums by the artist. Is there a way to do that? If not, could that be added as a feature request? Also, why does the player not support setting current song as ringtone?
  3. A definite must have feature. If possible, please include this feature in the next release. I'm currently running ICS on Galaxy Note and default music player (Google Music) shows all the info on my car radio but Poweramp doesn't. I know that it has something to with the Bluetooth stack but it would be great if you guys can find a work around.
  4. I would like to see feature as well as Artist browers (with pictures) like PlayerPro. These are the two main things that would make Poweramp and ultimate android player.
  5. Ya, I would like to see album art in every view as well.
  6. First of all I would like to thank you for great work because I've been looking for a good music player for a VERY long time and finally this app does *almost* everything that I looking for . Following are few thing that I would like to see added that will make it ultimate player (at least for me) - Show artist picture when browsing by Artist (just like when browsing by album) - Option to display album/artist pictures in Grid layout. - Automatically download artist pictures. - Ability to select artist/album art manually (out of the downloaded pictures). All these features currently exist in M
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