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  1. Here are my phone and Poweramp details:


    Model Number: GT-S5360

    Android Version: 2.3.6




    2.0.9-build-552-play (Full Version)

    I was able to do it before actually. I would just click on Info/Tags > Edit Tags then from there, I can update the Song title, Artist, Track number, Album etc. But after installing the updates from Google Play, I'm unable to do it. 

  2. Sorry about that.

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. I'm not using any custom ROM for my phone, it still has Gingerbread installed. As for my Poweramp Version/Change log, its 2.0.9-build-552-play (Full Version)

    Yes, all my music files are installed/saved using an external SD card however, I was able to edit the tags of my music files before. It's just that after updating Poweramp today, I started getting that error message.

    I do have internet access on my phone that's why I'm not sure why I'm getting the UserVoice error. I already restarted my phone a coupla times, but still it did not resolve it. Any advice? :(

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