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  1. it works now after taking the update. Thank you this issue has been solved
  2. ok yeah I will try again tomorrow, because it should work. Thanks for getting back to me.
  3. no that does not work as well. is the problem the Poweramp install should I clear data and uninstall it? It will show a blue wheel spinning as in searching then it says no album artwork found even though artist and title is correctly named idk I think it has to do with the mp3 file location or something I'm not sure please help me fix this. I cleared the data for Poweramp and reinstalled it but it still won't find album art. I am running pacman rom but with my htc I was running all kinds of roms never had an issue.
  4. Still not working after reloading all songs back on device. Even new songs that I download are not getting the album art why is this happening?
  5. No I have not enabled this option. I will delete all songs and readd them and see if this works. In settings album art this is what I have checked download album art, album art animation, also search by title, prefer downloaded album art. This is all that is checked in that settings it doesn't find it even on wifi something is wrong.
  6. Yes this happened to me today as well. I just got a new phone so I dragged all my music from desktop into music folder. Poweramp see the music fine but it will not download album art even with all the correct settings marked in the settings to download the album art. The info tags are correct but it cannot find album artwork for some reason. Please somebody help me it used to work so well. Ok to elaborate I got a new phone the lg g2 and sold my htc one. So I loaded all my music on the phone, then I installed pacman rom 4.4.2 and then put Poweramp. Should I delete all my music and readd the music again?
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