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  1. If I long press on a track the track info says Album Art - No Embed Album Art, which can't be right because I have confirmed it. When I long press on album art it does not show Embedded Album Art.. it seems to be searching the internet for it. I have not set such an option for No Album Art - note that I do not see any album art for any of my albums even though all of the files have the album art embedded. It seems that Poweramp is not recognizing the embedded album art? Any particular reason? If you check the files I sent you can clearly see that album art is embedded correctly.. EDIT: I figured it out.. was a silly setting in Musicbee.
  2. Mine still isn't. I actually wiped the phone for the 4.4 update and completely cleared and added my mp3s to the SDCard and still nothing . Any help?
  3. I carefully and meticulously embedded all the album art into my mp3 files. Poweramp was showing them fine. I was having an issue with one particular album and I decided to clear the album art cache to see if it would fix the issue, but now Poweramp is not showing any album art at ALL no matter what I do. I have all of the options turned off - download album art, in folder album art, etc. I have done many full rescans, scans, uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp and cleared the data and everything and still nothing. I am at my wits end for getting the album art to show up properly. Is there any way I can force Poweramp to simply rescan all of the files and look at the embedded album art again so it will show up? Thanks
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