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  1. Thanks for your reply. some are 16-bit, some 24-bit. All are 44.1 kHz. I don't see the point in sending files to the dev because ALL my flac albums disappear. I can rescan my folders and they get added to the library, i am then able to see them and play them, but then they just disappear again. They play FINE in FOUR other music apps. the problem is obviously NOT the files. The problem is Poweramp.
  2. I've found a few posts on here complaining about Poweramp's problems playing FLAC files. None of the posts have replies and the problem appears to be ignored. Does the developer think the problem will just go away if they don't address it? I also can not play FLAC files that ALL work fine in ALL of the other music players I have tried. Even the FREE music players. I've paid for Poweramp and I want to use it as advertised. And it is advertised as playing FLAC.
  3. Why would you be embarrassed? Poweramp should be. I too am having trouble with FLAC files... files that are ALL recognized by ALL the other music players I've tried. Even the FREE ones.
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