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  1. Found a good workaround for all those problems. - deactivate fade - install CWM Recovery (which has native NTFS support) - format your MicroSD card to NTFS, from the recovery - since NTFS has faster read speeds, it would be not likely to fail at sequential reading from the microSD - since fading is off from Poweramp, it not likely to crash and stop The bug is caused by the new drivers for the SDCard handling with FUSE. Phones with Exynos 4, like i9100 and n7000 are doomed to this unknown bug. The driver/hardware just literally dies and a full reboot is needed to recover it and make it work.
  2. Hello again. I couldn't get a log of the crash, becasue I already found a walkthough. Although on my friend's phone is STILL broken and not working. What I do to fix it and what fixed it: - format the external microSD card to NTFS format. - changed settings: Settings > Audio > Fade, crossfade and gapless: Deactivated everything under there (Auto-advance fading and manual track change fading set to No fading). Settings > Audio > Advanced: Direct Volume - off, Music FX - on (using Viper4Android), Audio Buffer Size - auto, Audio Thread Priority - normal. Settings > Misc > Twea
  3. Hello. I have an annoying problem with Poweramp which seems that I can't repair it at all and it happens on all 4.4 ROMs that I have seen around on my device (it even happens on my friend's phone... with stock/official 4.4). Whenever I play music though headphones, Poweramp randomly pauses it and then freezes completly. For example, listening to music, then suddently it stops let's say for example at 2:35. It doesn't react to anything: song change, play/pause, album change, hitting the seeker to 0:00 or any other time, nothing. In rare situations, if I force close the application several
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