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  1. Thanks but there is no such directory. I have tried everything, my only option is to try a different ROM.
  2. This is a fresh install rom. No hacked or previous versions of Poweramp were installed. I have removed all odex files and cleared the dalvik cache. Also I have installed lucky patcher but how is supposed to help if it can't find Poweramp installed?
  3. Hello! I have purchased the latest version of Poweramp (Order number: 12999763169054705758.1332832890781640) and been using it with no problems on my Jiayu G3S (android 4.2.1). Then because the original rom was buggy I updated to the latest custom rom 20131203-000001 (android 4.2.1) from http://www.jiayu.es/software.php?soft&jiayu=G3QCT. I used the super backup app to restore my phone but since then I can't reinstall Poweramp because I get the out of space message (I also get the message with GO Weather Forecast but don't care). Everything else installs fine (80+ aps). I have 1.4 GB of internal space plus 8+ GB on my sd card. Please help me.
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