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  1. Hello, I can translate to czech. It will be my pleasure to do it, contact me please.
  2. Hello, Top rated feature allows me to see a song with 5 stars, but I think that it is not enough. When I choose the search option, I can imagine to type stars as mark how rated songs I am looking for. If the search text contained only stars or + sign, then it could search songs with a particular rating. For example: "***+" expression would results evaluation of *** or **** or ***** Search "****" (4 *) to find a song with a 4 star rating, not more, not less (exact expression). Can also be possible to give stars rating to whole albums and sort them by rating, and then alphabetically in lists? It could give me some favorite sorting on first look. With thanks for hearing.
  3. Hello. I would appreciate if you will add support for translations for other languages. I willcover Czech translation. After reading this forum would appreciate the others from other countries .. Suggested: http://crowdin.net/ It is easy for you, for us to translate texts there. Thanks for hearing.
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