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  1. Usually, as i said in a more old post, i don't have issues in bluetooth, but today i had, some gaps (silences) about half of a second (max) each time. And yeah, the screen from my phone was switched off. Before the step to be switched off, i didn't have some troubles during the time when it was on, but it's not really concrete cause it was on only during 2min with pamp. And even if people will think me stubborn or impetious, i'm pretty sure that, since the new version of android, Pamp has some difficulties to be managed well in the Android's priorities, to stay everytimes in the rank of high priorities process. That's why, we have some glitches when Android manage some operations in background.
  2. Hi there, since i submited my issue, nothing better happened. I stil have cracks and pops despite some updates from Pamp and from my Custom Rom. The problem is clearly an issue of priority (and in the settings of Pamp, i'm in the maximum priority). The glitches happen when Android is doing some stuff in background in using some memory. Also i noticed that today i had some problems in bluetooth when i was listening in my car. I had some short gaps in my music. I thank you in advance to solve the issue. I have to consider that it's not so fair to let a "customer" with his issue and withtout news.
  3. Hi there, New clue. Yesterday, when i drove (with my phone in bluetooth and Pamp), I heard absolutly NO glitch during this trip. And it's not the first time. So It seems that the glitches happen only when i use the jack for my earphones/headphones. In bluetooth, the playback works like a charm.
  4. Hi My phone is a LG Nexus 4, i noticed this on mp3 (cbr/vbr - 44khz) Noises can be usually sometimes 1 single crack, or a big pop creating a distorsion. I think that these noises happen when android is managing some tasks in background, even with high priority in Pamp. Also, please find some logs from some tests this morning (i saved the log the most quicly i could when i heard some noises) Crack: Pops:
  5. Hi there, Since i updated mon Sphone under android 4.4.2 (Custom Rom Slimkat), i have some glitches/crackles which happen randomly during playback (it doesn't matter the song). For example, if i can hear a crackle/glitch at 2.36min, when i roll back to 2.30 to hear again this "noise" at 2.36, it disapears. It's really randomly. - I tried to make a long test with the basic "android PLAY music player" and no problem was heard, it works like a charm. - I changed also priority at max, with the maximum buffer possible in the app, but it's still the same unfortunately. - I've disabled some apps which can work in background in my android, and again, i've still the random glitches during playback When i was on android 4.3 (custom Rom also from the same team), i had absolutly no problem with Pamp I have Poweramp 2.0.9 build 550play (unlocked) Thank you in advance for your help, cause i really don't want to change my audio app, i love so much Pamp PS: i'm trying to report a log quickly. PS2: it's not a bug, but i didn't find in the options how i can, when i stop Pamp and restart it later, play the song from his begining and not from the time i stopped it before. Thanks for your lights
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