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  1. I'm having an issue with Poweramp (I have the pro license as well). I had it installed, and when I attempt to update via the Play Store, I get the message "insufficient store available." Eventually I found a way to fix this issue by removing the .apk from /data/app via the terminal, like so: # su # cd /data/app # rm *maxmpz* Then I install the app. Yet, every time I restart my phone, the Poweramp icon disappears! The widget is still on my homepage, but Poweramp doesn't show in my apps, and when I go to the Play Store I'm prompted to install the app. Having to to rm the apk is starting to get annoying. Anyone have an idea? I have a Nexus 5 running a 'stable' CM11 nightly. This has also occured on an S3 running the stable build of CM 10.2. I've had CM on the S3 for years, but the issue only started about a month ago (and I got a Nexus 5 just recently). edit: Even though the widget is on my home screen, the app does not open when I select the widget.
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